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I had a patient come in today for her 1 month follow up with her 1-pound-a-day weight loss plans. She lost 20 pounds in 20 days! Then gained 12 pounds back in 10 days.

What happened?

She explains, "Well my mom came over and cooked for me for a week as she usually does on vacation. Then there was this birthday party and I couldn't resist the food."

First of all, Mom would likely understand if you told her why you were losing weight. When you weigh 251 pounds and need to get down to 130 to get to ideal body weight, I hope your very own mother would understand if you told her you were on this revolutionary new diet that your doctor put you on for 1 pound a day weight loss and that you were limited to 5 bites of whatever she prepared. Second of all, there are ALWAYS going to be parties, Fourths of July, Halloweens, Birthdays. You name the month, there are 1-5 celebrations you could name coming up. You have to continue with strict dieting habits during those times too.

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The most disappointing thing to her was she lost 20 pounds and gained it back. But when I asked her to explain any reasons why she may have sabotaged her own success she said, "It's because nobody noticed."

That is an explanation I've heard from the multitude of disappointed patients I've had that lost weight successfully, either through my rapid weight loss hypnosis plan or through surgical bypass or lap bands. The people lose the weight, but suddenly people aren't treating them any differently or even noticing. 20 pounds of weight loss and not even one compliment can make a lot of people quit. I had one client say, "I lost 200 pounds and I haven't had a date yet;" and another that said, "I lost all this weight and my husband still hasn't had sex with me;" and another who said, "after losing 150 pounds you'd think my boss would give me a raise."

All of these clients lost weight and were successful and should be proud. But they weren't satisfied internally with themselves! It's like hitting a grand slam home run to win the World Series, but being disappointed because it went to left field instead of where you wanted it to go, right field. When you define success incorrectly, you will think you have failed when you have really succeeded! Each one of these people based their success on if another person acted a certain way INSTEAD OF THEIR SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS, HEALTHIER BODY, AND SUCCESS IN ACCOMPLISHING A GOAL! Another person or group of people was defined as the source of approval or disapproval in defining their success.

But here's what needs to be said more importantly. YOU should be the source of your own satisfaction and compliments. YOU are doing this for YOURSELF. YOU ARE NOT LOSING WEIGHT FOR ANYONE ELSE BUT YOURSELF. Not your boyfriend or girlfriend, not your spouse, not your kids, not your dog, not the junior women's league, the boss, etc. THIS WEIGHT LOSS IS FOR YOU AND YOU ALONE. And when you succeed, you should be satisfied by yourself and for yourself!

This is called a "Reframe" in Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), a method of changing your view of the world when your view is skewed. If you are the type of person that depends on other people's opinions to form your own opinion of yourself, you may be putting too much value on people who don't deserve it. The most valuable opinion about your self is YOUR OWN.

What happens when we rely on others' opinions to boost ourselves up? Many times we don't get anything back as this client noticed. Sometimes we pick the wrong people. And sometimes those people's opinions ain't worth a crap. When we value other people's opinions higher than our own, we put them above and ahead of ourselves on a pedestal to look up too. When this client lost 20 pounds, she should have stepped up on that pedestal herself and smiled! Instead she was waiting for others to do that for her. Not a good compass or frame because, as we all know, some people are more geared for knocking you off that pedestal, no matter what success you've had.

In weight loss practice, a good assistant/physician/hypnotherapist can make sure that they are there to coach you through these incorrect frames that sabotage your weight loss once and for all! Hypnosis, NLP, EFT are all tools that I use to do this and can help you eliminate your brain's subconscious barriers to success. Sometimes it's as simples as patting yourself on the back rather than waiting for someone to beat you in the head with a bat.

This client will now be ready to praise herself after 20, 30, 40, 100, 120 pounds of weight loss. Wherever she dreams to go with hypnosis and rapid weight loss plans that I provide. If you are interested in finding out more about my techniques, visit me at

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