3 Great Weight Loss Solutions That Are Easy to Implement and Really Work

I lost almost 100 pounds this year and I feel great. I used some simple weight loss solutions that were easy to implement and really gave results. After many, many years of struggling to find the "magic" formula that would help me shed the pounds and trying almost everything on the market, bringing me no substantial success; I decided to figure out a couple things on my own.

First I figured out why these weight loss solutions did not work for me. What I found was that they mostly had very difficult regimens to either implement in a busy life or to stick to for a food lover such as myself. Then I realized that they caused me to deprive myself. Neither of these things would be a solution that would really work for me in the long term. Difficult and intense exercise or intense food regimens lead to discouragement and ultimately giving up. This can also lead to binging and ending up putting on more weight than you started out with! So no, weight loss solutions that cause me to deprive myself or drastically change my lifestyle are not real weight loss solutions in my book.

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So here is what I have come up with and I am sure that you will find these three weight loss solutions to be realistic as well as a helpful start:

1) Play "Lets Make A Deal" with yourself.

- This means writing down a list of all your favorite yet unhealthy food habits. Go through the list and find one or two things that you simply cannot go with out. Then just do not go without them. Work your way through the rest of the list and find an acceptable healthy alternative. For example, if you are a carb lover, switch to brown rice or whole grain pastas and breads. They are not bad and this simple change will make a difference.

2) Wean yourself down.

- If you are used to big and hearty helpings, they start filling your plate a little less than you are used to. You are still eating your normal diet, or your healthy alternatives, but begin by putting one less scoop on your plate, then drop it down a little more in time. I am sure you have heard this before but eat slower. You will find that you will able to eat in moderation with no problems or craving soon enough as you long a you make a real effort to simply begin cutting down your portions of what ever you are eating.

3) Kill your night time cravings.

- My biggest problem is craving food at night. I have always heard that you should not eat after certain time such as 6:30 pm or 7 pm. I believe this is probably true because of the fact that your whole system slows down at night and especially while you sleep, including your metabolism. (I always felt I had no metabolism due to the fact that it was so hard for me to lose weight and yet I could easily gain it. Go figure.) Now I have a simple weight loss tip that has helped me overcome my biggest obstacle! Drink a small glass of milk when you get hungry at a late hour. It helps fill your belly and there are studies that suggest that consuming more calcium helps with weigh loss.

You can take these suggestions and start applying them. You may think that they are either common sense or too easy to make a difference. However I can promise you that it was small changes such as these that helped me to move towards my weight loss goals much more quickly then I had ever anticipated. I believe that its the simple changes to your normal routine that actually give you results because it does not cause drastic changes to your lifestyle or shocks to your system and eating habits. These types of weight loss solutions are the ones that work because they have the longevity that you need to be successful.

I want nothing more than for everyone that has shared my struggle with being over weight to also share in the success that I have experienced. Take these ideas and start applying them. They cost nothing yet could have a huge pay off. So give it a go and start seeing results very quickly. I did and I continue to see these results. The best part is that as long as every time you go to put something in your mouth, you try to make a better decision the weight will seem to fall off. You will not believe how easy it can really be as long as you follow a few simple rules.


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