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Positive energy in the form of quick exercise weight loss routines will recharge your commitment for quick healthy weight loss. Most diets mention the importance of exercise but focus on the value of aerobics and not so much on muscle development. One of the reasons is most people do not understand muscle development and everyone understands when the heart is pumping fast. You need to become an addict or advocate of ways to lower your blood sugar and boost your energy.

If you are committed to weight loss, then here are a two easy quick healthy weight loss practices you must follow every day for the rest of your life (not kidding):

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Eat Breakfast. If you want natural weight loss, skipping breakfast is actually skipping an opportunity to increase your metabolism for the day. When you eat breakfast, you activate a switch that helps you burn fat and have energy throughout the day. Some medical studies show that if you eat breakfast you will perform better at work. Dr. Sarah Leibiwitz of Rockefeller University in New York states that when you skip breakfast, you are inclined to eat high sugar and high fat foods at night. The calories at breakfast must come from a balance of protein and veggies or fruits. Speaking of healthy dieting, I once stayed in a hotel in Japan that had both an American breakfast and a Japanese breakfast buffet. Everything smelled wonderful and looked great. I walked up to the American breakfast buffet and saw bacon not crunchy like I like, scrambled eggs a little runny, dried white toast, and a variety of sweet rolls. I had already abandoned healthy dieting when I ate a large dinner the previous night. I was not really hungry, so I walked over to the Japanese buffet. What an eye opener! It was the epitome of natural dieting breakfast: hot vegetable broth and also a soup with pork and scallions, fresh salad greens to mix yourself, fruits (great strawberries), and some noodles. No bread, no cheese, no dairy! Make time for breakfast every day - get up a few minutes earlier and prepare eggs, fruit, broth, or whatever, but eat a balanced breakfast. Weight loss fad diets that have you eat cereals 3 meals a day are not healthy. Avoid cereals, especially ones with sugar. Try non-wheat bread such as bread from sprouts spread with natural peanut butter. Take a walk after lunch: The urge to take a nap after lunch because your body and mind slows down, can be a wonderful signal for quick exercise weight loss. Learn to listen to your body; it is what all successful quick healthy weight loss addicts have to do. The signal to take a nap is not because you need more sleep, but because your metabolism is going down the drain. Shake it off. Say no to your metabolism. If you know you had enough sleep, then wake up. Do not allow your sluggish digestive track to take control. For natural weight loss stand up and take a 5 to 10 minute walk. There are three main benefits of walking after lunch: There is some evidence that walking after a moderate lunch increases the boost of energy you will get from the food and improve results for weight loss. I am guessing but it does seem logical that speeding up digestion, speeds up the boost you get from the protein in the meal. The rocking motion of the body when walking aids digestion and burns a few of the calories consumed. Let's say you have a 300-400 calorie lunch, then by walking swiftly for 10 minutes you will burn 50 to 100 calories. Also your legs help pump your blood and increase your circulation. This will clear out the mental cobwebs from the digestive activity. The moderate walk may produce the endorphins that boost your mental attitude for the remainder of the day. Imagine you are on the quest for quick exercise weight loss and your peers at work are not. Imagine you go for the walk and they do not. Who do you think will be the better performer in the afternoon? The energy addict on a quick weight loss mission or the noontime overeaters and afternoon under-achievers.

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