4 Reasons Why a Weight Loss Detox is Better

A weight loss detox is still considered to be a practice that does not have validity to it. In fact, cleansing the body at all is still regarded by mainstream medical doctors as unnecessary.

However, people are looking for ways other than drugs or surgery to take care of health needs and issues, including weight loss. Many are turning to healthier, holistic practices.

Medical science is now finding out what holistic health practitioners have been saying for years - that foreign chemicals add to your body's burden of fighting off disease. Now, research is learning that toxins also affect weight and the amount of fat on our bodies.

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This research along with a new approach to health brings us 4 of the biggest reasons why a weight loss detox may be a more effective solution to permanent and healthy weight loss.

Reason #1 - Excess weight is waste. It is not necessary for your body to have extra weight.

Have you heard that your body cleanses itself or that it eliminates what it does not need? This is untrue. It is a fact that if you eat too much on a regular basis, your body will store the extra fat and calories as waste. Simply put, if you over eat, your body stores it and you become overweight. These are calories, energy or whatever you want to call it, but either way, it is waste. You must help your body get rid of this waste; in other words, you must help your body lose weight.

Reason #2 - If you are overweight, this weight could be made of fat, excess toxic fluid, toxins stored in over-sized fat cells and maybe even intestinal waste and build up. Does this sound unhealthy to you?

Research in obesity studies shows that environmental toxins are stored in adipose tissue, or fat. It is becoming of concern to some that as an obese person loses weight, these toxins may prove harmful as they are trying to find their way out of the body.

And you don't have to be obese to have fat cells. All of us have fat cells that can store toxins such as pesticides.

Reason #3 - Some pesticides as well as other toxins are proving to interfere with our hormonal balance and chemical processes. These in include appetite control, the ability to lose weight and even every day metabolism. In fact, some chemical toxins are proven to inhibit thyroid function.

Your body needs help eliminating this waste. A weight loss detox is designed to help take the burden off your body while providing the nutrition necessary to help your organs cleanse and detoxify. This means eliminating excess fluids, toxins trapped in fat cells, and clearing the digestive tract of built up waste. And a good weight loss detox helps your body do all this naturally.

Reason #4 - Your liver has many jobs. One of its jobs is to metabolize or burn fat. If you have never cleansed, your liver may be overworked. This could be due to environmental toxins or pesticides, cholesterol, chronic drug use and even medications taken on a regular basis. As your liver works daily to detoxify and keep up with this, when does it have time to burn fat? It doesn't! In this case, your body may store more fat than it should.

A weight loss detox consists of eating a diet to increase your body's ability to detoxify and cleanse itself. It may include herbs to expedite the process while making your organs stronger. Then in the end, a weight loss detox may be the all-around answer for permanent and healthy weight loss as well as a long-term plan to keep you healthy.

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