Rapid Weight Loss - The Truth They Don't Want You to Know

Losing weight is the goal for many individuals who hope to maintain a healthy body and figure. Others would go through extreme measures just to lose weight and would use unhealthy methods to lose weight fast. Naturally, this will lead to some unwanted side effects. It may sound unlikely but even healthy rapid weight loss has side effects which include:

· Loss of muscle- this is the partner of rapid weight loss. Some have the misconception that if you lose weight, you will immediately gain some muscle. Unfortunately, gaining muscle is very much different from losing weight. If you lose weight it will result in the body not getting enough nutrients which will trigger the body to consume some muscles for energy.

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· Loose Skin- it's not uncommon to see people who have lost weight to have a hanging skin on where there used to be a fat deposit. Because the weight loss is fast, the skin does not have enough time to recuperate and adapt to changing body form, resulting in a loose and saggy skin.

· Dehydration- since there will be loss of muscle when you lose weight fast, you can expect to be dehydrated as well because the main component of muscle is water. The bad part is some individuals refrain from drinking a lot of water because it causes bloating. This can be detrimental to their health.

· Hair loss- it may sound unlikely but believe it, because this is a common side effect for people who had rapid weight loss. Our hair needs protein for it to be healthy and for it to grow but as we know it, most diet programs would dictate to cut down on protein intake therefore resulting to brittle hair and in the end, hair loss.

· Gall stones- this is because sudden weight loss will disrupt the equilibrium of the bile salts and cholesterol in the gall bladder leading to the formation of gall stones.

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