How to Maintain a Permanent Weight Loss

It is easy to lose weight (muscle loss) by starving yourself, but it requires knowledge to lose fat by eating more. For your success, it is crucial to understand that there is a huge difference between losing fat and losing weight.

Nearly anyone can lose weight by reducing calories (fewer calorie in, more calorie out) but these typical weight loss programs (aka low calorie diets) will result in:

Loss of lean mass
Slow metabolism
Low energy
Low libido
Bad skin

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Unfortunately these typical weight-loss methods are very depressing, unhealthy, and totally ineffective for long term. Similarly, most weight loss scams, exercise gimmicks, and weight loss supplements are based on immediate results you see on the scale, but they won't produce long-term, and definitely not healthy results.

Studies show that typical weight loss program burns more muscle than fat and you ll be hungry, deprived from tasty food, tired, depressed, moody, cranky, etc... When you step on the scale, what you will be reading is pure weight loss (muscle weight and water) but in any case it will be showing the visceral fat that you lost. Scales are never accurate in determining fat burning (visceral fat).

You can lose weight without losing fat, and losing fat does not necessarily mean losing weight (muscle gain). When people talk about weight loss, what they really want to do is lose the excess fat on their belly, hips, order to obtain an attractive figure. Excess visceral fat accumulation in the belly is a major concern, not just for weight and appearance, but for overall health. It negatively impacts:

Estrogen production
Insulin function
Blood sugar
Triglycerides levels
Inflammation factors (cancer, stroke, heart diseases)

In order to do so, you must to succeed a permanent weight loss, you must:

Enjoy what you eat (nutritious and tasty food)
Increase your metabolism (high intensity weight lifting)
Eat enough calories
Get the right macronutrients to feed your muscles
Eat every 3 hours to maintain the protein in the muscles
Protein build muscles, and muscles burn fat (10 pounds of muscles burn 500 calories daily)

THE FASTER YOU LOSE, THE FASTER YOU WILL GAIN YOUR WEIGHT BACK WITH A FEW EXTRA POUNDS (YO-YO DIET)! A good lifestyle personal trainer will make you lose fat, not muscle.

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